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October 3, 2013
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PKMN Armonia App: Peter Weston No2 by YingYang-girl PKMN Armonia App: Peter Weston No2 by YingYang-girl
For :iconpkmnarmonia:

Edit 2: Updates his app with pretty new app and app art yay :D

Edit: oh my I got in! welcome to the Tesla house Peter. Of anyone would like to rp just note me. :)

Me, :iconbunniesloveshoney: and :iconhokeypokey08196: were joking about making a character with disabilities and I though why not for this group. I may not sign him up though if enough people want him in and if I get a recommended, then I'll join it. It looks like a fun group :)

:bulletyellow: Name: Peter Weston

:bulletorange: Age: 16

:bulletyellow: Gender: male

:bulletorange: Pokemon: Spinda

:bulletyellow: Birthday: May 15

:bulletorange: Height: 3ft (sitting down in chair) or 3.5ft (if he is standing/laying down)

:bulletyellow: Weight: 110 lbs

:bulletorange: Nature: Jolly

:bulletyellow: Ability: Own Tempo

:bulletorange: Hometown: Floaroma Town

:bulletyellow: Personality: Peter is a very upbeat sort of guy, who lets nothing get him down. He does however get sad when he is reminded that he is stuck in a wheel chair but he not going to doing nothing and let this chair beat him. He will try to participate in things even if it only means watching others do it. He doesn’t like it when people are too helpful and help him in things he doesn’t need help with. He will, however, take help or ask for help when he needs it. He also takes physical therapy so he can keep the upper part of his body so it can remain healthy (needs a nurse, adult or friend with him when doing the therapy). Peter Also has a love for reading and building thing as it was one of the few thing he could do that made him feel a little less like a handy cap. He also like Games especially the Online games like Lol and Smite.He also loves watching People do simple things, like walking up, so he can imagine that he is doing the same thing.

:bulletorange: History: Peter’s mother Lily was quiet Spinda living in the town of Floaroma. She was gardener in the town taking care of the flowers and plants near by. She soon fell in love with Yorick, an Ursaring who was a beekeeper and honey maker. They ended up dating and eventually married. They ran their businesses together and where excitedly planning to have a child. When they had their child however, their day of joy turned to horror and sadness. They had found out their newborn son was paralyzed from the waist down and that he would never walk.

Throughout his childhood Peter’s parents were very protective of him trying to keep him out of things fearing it was too much for him. Peter however stilled tried things anyways and always tried to look on the bright side of things. He was not going to let a chair keep him back from doing things. Despite his physical lacking he was quiet smart building and using tools to help him reach stuff, and making special wheels so he could roll around on rock or snowy areas. However there where time when all he could do was watch others do things like swimming and walking up stairs. He would sometimes just park himself in front of stairs and spend the afternoon watching people walk up and down stairs. Peter doesn’t like asking for help as it just reinforces the fact he can do certain things. However when he knows that he can’t do it he will wait and try to find someone who is not busy to help him.

As Peter grew older his mother and father decide to have another child. This scared Peter; one being if the child ends up like him his parents would be devastated. However, Peter’s little sister, Hay Lin, was born healthy. At first Peter was jealous due to her ability to walk and would simply ignore her. However he got over it, it was not her fault he couldn’t walk. They eventually grew close and would go on safe little adventures as that their parent would not worry. Peter had small group of friends in elementary school but when they graduated to high school Peter started to be homeschool by his parents, as the high school had no wheelchair access, and only saw them during the weekends. Peter loved his family but he wanted to see the world and not to be locked up in his house so he asked if he could go to a school outside of Floaroma town. His parents were against is fearing he may get hurt, but after some persuasive talking, and a little help from Hay Lin, his parent said yes. During their search they came across a school Armonia Institute. They though this may be a safe school to send their son.

:bulletyellow: Summary Characteristic: Thoroughly Cunning

Building and inventing things
Star Gazing
Reading comic books
Playing videogames and board games
Watching people walk up and down stairs
Watching people swimming

Rock Slide
Dizzy Punch
Ice Punch

:bulletorange: Favorite berry flavor: Sweet

:bulletyellow: House: Tesla

:bulletorange: School Schedule:

Obligatory classes

• History
• Battle
• Math (II)
• Writing
• Science
• Health & Sex ed

•Tech Ed
•Home Economics

:bulletyellow:Extras/Fun Facts
• Plays online games like LoL and Smite
• Tends to watch People do simple thing like watch up stairs
• video Chats with his Bff Danny during the week end
• Loves Comic and Cartoons
• Only wears his Spinny Goggles when he is building stuff
• Knows how to take care of Animals and Plants due to him helping parents with farm
• Has a amazing Pet larvesta named Captain.
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EmpurrorMooks Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He looks great on the new app!! ^u^ And he and Otto are both going to be in Tech Ed. and Zoology ;u;
Thank you and yay they will have so much fun :D
Wuhu, Pete and his Awesome chair xDDD I wonder what he will his chair transform into next. This will depend on the event, I think ^^

And I see he will take Tech Ed. Woohoo, will we see, how he Modifies his chair?
All the Modifications! and thanks can't wait to draw them too :3
Hehe, iŽam looking forward to it ^^
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